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Welcome to

Ross Pittman Asset Group!

Come grow with us!

Welcome to Ross Pittman Asset Group!

Ross Pittman Asset Group, LLC is a real estate investment firm specializing in cash flowing rental properties in the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Our goal is to increase our rental portfolio, and our mission is to provide quality, affordable housing in our community.

We locate distressed homes and repair them to their former glory for both sale and rent.

Investors may purchase turnkey rental property from our inventory to add to their rental portfolio, or partner with us in many of our rehab opportunities.

With over 35 years of experience, we have the pleasure of consulting with new investors and speaking at local Real Estate investing groups. We welcome you to our site, and would like to speak with you about your Real Estate needs.

About Us

At Ross Pittman Asset Group, our goal is to provide quality products and services to our clients. We specialize in providing real estate investment services for investors who live outside the southeastern United States as well as those living abroad.

Our clients see the value in purchasing real estate in the United States and more specifically in the southeastern United States. This is where Ross Pittman Asset Group stands above any other investment company.


We Grow with Partners

We have the personnel and staff to help any individual investor or large investment groups find, acquire, rehab, stabilize, manage and eventually sell their properties if that is the goal of the investor or group. Our contractors are ready to turn your properties into safe, stable living environments for your tenants. Our management company works hard to find quality tenants who will want to stay for years to come in your houses, and our realtors know the markets so as to get you top dollar for your properties when you are ready to sell so as to maximize your returns. 

You can achieve your Passive Income needs by becoming a Funding Partner. Please see our Funding Partner Page to view our Prospectus.

Come see why Ross Pittman Asset Group is the premier real estate investment services company in the southern United States and start building your investment portfolio today.

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